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Leadership Team

Dipak Patel, CEO 
Dipak Patel is the co-founder and CEO of Anna Management LLC has been passionately involved in developing and operating Dunkin’ Restaurants since 1989. He is committed to building and sustaining the company through excellence in retail operations, economic development and directly impacting our communities . He strongly believes in working hard and being your very best.  Dipak's leadership reflects his belief that good economic development is vital to the growth of our employees and communities. Therefore the merging of a great brand and great franchisee service is imperative.

Anand Patel, COO 
Anand Patel is the co-founder and COO of Anna Management LLC. Anand quickly became highly versed in Dunkin operations and now oversees full retail operations. He takes pride in promoting within and giving the tools to the management team that will produce strong results in each location. Anand expertise is in employee and guest throughput in the restaurants that he is known as the guru of the best store design and remodels. He works closely with the management team to ensure our customers get the freshest product in a warm and friendly environment. He strongly believes in the success of the team and inspiring our team to start each day with fresh eyes and outside the box thinking. 

Suresh Rao, CFO, CPA, MBA 

Suresh Rao has been an integral part of Anna Managements's financial planning, tax, and P&L execution.  He has assisted our financial functions as we grew from one store to over sixty.  His experience and depth of knowledge have been an integral part of our success.

Managing Partners 
Himanshu Patel
Mahesh Dubal
Devendra Patel
Urvashi Patel
Dwar Patel
Raghav Patel
Shyam Patel
Karan Patel
Avni Desai
Jay Chokshi

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Radhika Vemula, Controller 

Radhika joined Anna Management in 2006. Originally hired for office administration, her position was expanded quickly as she outgrew every challenge in front of her. Now as Controller she is responsible for all the financial and human resource activities of all entities under the Anna Management umbrella.

Pankaj Patel, Assistant to the Controller 

Responsible for the reporting and coordination for all business sales taxes, fee reporting, while supporting all staff in various reporting, accounting and correspondence tasks

Darpan Gandhi, Accountant
Responsible for the daily tracking and maintenance of all banking transactions and many accounting duties.

Vidisha Chauhan, Clerk


Syed Shah, VP of Ops
Responsible for the operations of the network, P&L execution and brand liaison. 

Crystal Santana, HR Manager

Charles Jakuboski, Construction/Facilities Manager 

Director of Operations
Umar Abid
Bhavin Gandhi
Samir Patel

District Manager

Tom DeRose
Sahil Surti

Jushef Golam
Anant Patel
Pinakin Patel
Swapnil Patel
Doug Perez

MD Salam
Mehak Singh
Youssef Ezzouhri  
Achi Wadagirama 
Bernard Beauzieux
Anjana Rathnayaka


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